Servo Tester Module is a great tool that can connect with up to three Servo Motors simultaneously, to check the health and capabilities of them and identify how effective they can be for various tasks. It can check the response times, find the neutral points and identify the maximum angles that servos are capable of, with three different modes to make it simple to operate as well. Servo Tester has 3 modes to check or ESC:

  • Manual Mode uses the knob positioned on the front of the module to speed up or slow down the servo and see how quickly it reacts.
  • Neutral Mode makes the servo return to its neutral point.
  • Automatic Mode makes the servos turn to the maximum angle on each side.

While this module is designed to test servos, it can be used as a signal generator to test electric speed controllers (ESC) so that you don’t need to use a transmitter and receiver. This makes this module ideal for RC enthusiasts as well, as it can check the servos as well as the electric speed controllers that are typically found on RC planes and Quadcopters.


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